Inform A simple yet powerful and proven email service designed for communities
Empower Where information can finally flow the other way too. Community member subscribers add their thoughts and responses, right into your newsletter or community email.
Engage Where your old email archive becomes a browsable, public (or private) gallery!
GroupVine Social Email blurs the line between traditional email newsletters and social media, by allowing recipients to add comments, suggestions, votes, or other guided responses, leading to a deeper level of engagement.

Feature Highlights

  • Create & send emails from your email inbox or your online GroupVine account.
  • Target recipients with lists. Use sub-groups to delegate membership management. Moderate emails sent by members.
  • Use Email Widgets[1] to gather and share feedback, RSVPs, polls, and other information from email recipients.
  • Transform your old-school, "email archive" into an appealing Email Feed. Plus, it's simple to add past emails to your new feed.
  • Personalize or target emails using custom member attributes.
  • Customize Profile pages where members can set attribute values and join lists and sub-groups.

And so much more or

For over a decade, GroupVine has provided email service to thousands of communities, from 10 to 100,000 members, reliably delivering over a hundred million emails, and we're only getting better.

Prior to using GroupVine, weʼd only hear back from our community when there was a problem, otherwise crickets. Now, with over 43% engaging with our email newsletters, we finally have a real-time measure of value, and can build relationships & community. — Jake D., Director & Co-founder of Strideline "The most comfortable sock on earth" Thanks again for being the best customer service around (if only my kids' doctors, dentists, etc... were as good!) — Victoria L., PTO President, Marvin Ridge Middle School
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[1] Beyer, Frivold, Lancaster, "Apparatus and Method for Interactive Email" U.S.Patents 9,471,899 B2 and 10,097,500B2 issued 2016-2018.