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As you know, part of the Street Yoga vision is to create a larger sense of community and personal connection; ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ after all. We change lives and give back while building the bond between teachers and students, youth and their breath and each and every person we meet who is passionate about healing trauma.  We are a community of change-makers; the Street Yoga team in each classroom and our Street Yoga supporters all across the nation. You’re already part of that community and to help us grow I want to know what personally connects you to Street Yoga?  

Over the coming months different members of the Street Yoga family will be inviting you to share your ideas, experiences, and desires with the Street Yoga community.  At the same time, we hope that you’ll enjoy hearing how other Street Yoga supporters feel in a very open, transparent, and real-time environment.  Want to dive in? Let’s get started!

Please share your original connection to Street Yoga?

What was your very first experience with Street Yoga?
Do you have a Street Yoga chapter local to where you live?
Please describe your transformative moment and what inspired you to support Street Yoga.
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Jaime's Story

 What meaning does it have for you?


Hi, I'm Jaime.  I was drawn to Street Yoga when I learned that I could combine my love of yoga with my call to Social Work.  When I started teaching yoga to homeless youth at the Community Transitional School in Portland, OR five years ago, I was amazed at the connection that yoga helped create among all of us in the class, even though we each represented a unique history- all the students were working hard, trying new things, having fun, and finding moments of stillness.  It felt like a warm relief to see the hardened edges of trauma and instability soften at different moments during yoga, and to see this happen more and more frequently in the class as time went on. My experiences teaching these amazing youth have helped strengthen my belief in yoga as a truly transformative and healing practice.  I am grateful I can do this work.

What personally connects you to work like Jaime is doing? (select all that apply)
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Personally, I can’t wait to get to know you more. All your stories help weave the fabric of our organization and our work. Thank you for participating in this new way of communicating with each other; It’s going to help us reach out to more and more people who are looking for something special to participate in.

One of the inspiring things about yoga is its simple power, and I’m forever grateful for all the person-to-person connections inherent in this work. There is simple power in hearing and really listening to each other, even when geographically we are far away. Thanks for being part of that connection today.  

Very warmly and from the heart,

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