St. Luke Catholic School
August 13, 2018
St. Luke Catholic School

Principal's Message: Week of August 12, 2018
19th Week Ordinary Time

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Dear St. Luke Families,

This week at St. Luke’s School marks the first week where we have a full schedule of classes beginning at 8:00 a.m. and finishing at 3:00 p.m. Remember, families may drop off children as early as 6:30 a.m. and stay until 5:30 p.m. We have a wonderful Extension Staff:  Causette, Celeste, and Sarah!!!

On Wednesday of this week we celebrate with our parish community The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary- please join us at 8:30 am mass!! Our BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT is on Wednesday evening beginning at 6:30 pm. Our wonderful kindergarten teacher, Miss Jenn, celebrates a birthday on Thursday and Father Ramon’s birthday is on Saturday.

St. Francis de Sales’ thoughts for this week’s readings center on trusting in God as the life of our soul. To develop trust in God we need to learn to love God’s goodness and we can if we open our hearts and allow God to enter. God is as gentle and merciful when we are weak and imperfect as when we are strong and perfect.

Mr. Rieschick

Dates to Remember

August 15: 8:30 AM Back to School Mass -Regular Uniform
        6:30 PM Back to School Night
August 20-24: Star Standardized Testing
August 30: Hearing Screenings for students in grades 
K, 1, 2, 5, 8
August 31: No School- Diocesan In Service
September 3: No School- Labor Day
September 6: $2 Casual Dress
September 7 & 10: No School- Festival Set Up/Take Down

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What's Going On at St. Luke School

Included in today's Packet:

~ Spirit Wear Order Form 


Lunch Ordering Week of 8/20

[Hidden image]As a convenience to parents we offer an optional hot lunch program on full days of school. Lunches are generally $5 per day and range from Chicken Tacos and Rice, Spaghetti, Sandwiches, Pizza and more. Lunches are pre ordered on a weekly basis on ParentsWeb. 

There is a slight snag in our lunch menu for next week. Please bare with me as I work through the issue. I'm hoping to have the menu available by Tuesday. 

Lunch Ordering Instructions:

  1. Log into ParentsWeb (if you do not have a ParentsWeb account, please email Miss Nance at
  2. Click on "Student Information" and then select "Lunch" in the left tool bar.
  3. Click on "Create Web Order" and select the days in which you would like to order hot lunch and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Order Items".
  4. You will be redirected to the Online Lunch Payment Screen where you will enter your "payment information" and click "submit".
  5. Click "Pay" on the Verify Payment Screen

VERY IMPORTANT: You are not done until you click PAY on the VERIFY PAYMENT Screen. ​You will receive an email confirming your purchase. If you do not receive an email, please check to make sure all steps were followed. 


What do I do if I need to drop items off at school for my child?

In an effort to minimize classroom interruptions, we ask that forgot lunches, snacks, binders, etc are dropped off in the school office by 10 AM. Miss Nance will email the teacher that the student has items in the office to pick up and it is the students responsibility to check with the office on their break time. 

We understand that from time to time it is necessary to drop items off during the school day; however, we make every effort to not interrupt class time instruction.


After School Clubs

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on After School Clubs and would like to reach out to any parents who would be interested in taking on an after school club.  Great way to earn your PPP hours for the year.  These programs are free to the students, in most cases, so we can only run them on a volunteer basis.

[Hidden image]We are looking for individuals who would like to moderate:
Creative Writing, Lawn Sports, Foreign Lang. (spanish/sign lang), Dance, Band/Music, Photography, Nature/Garden, Home Ec/Life Skills,  or something of your choice/talent. 
If you are interested contact Danette Curtis in the school office.

Paid Casual Dress

Here at St. Luke School we know that there is nothing kids love more than to be able to wear their street clothes to school on occasion! That's why once a month we allow students to do just that. For just $2 they can wear whatever they choose (keeping the Casual Dress Code in mind). The $2 from these monthly paid dresses go directly to campus beautification.

The first Casual Dress is scheduled for Thursday, September 6 and will be the first Thursday of every month thereafter. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The school reserves the right to send home any student who does not come to school appropriately dressed or properly groomed.

On days deemed “Paid Dress”, “Casual Dress” or on days when classes participate in a field trip off campus the following requirements must be met:

  • For boys, shorts may not be longer than two inches from the middle of the knee.
  • For girls, shorts and skirts may not be shorter than two inches from the middle of the knee.
  • Tee shirts with the following logos or advertisements are NOT allowed:

~ Liquor ~ Hard rock/ rock ‘n’ roll ~ Profanity

~ Drugs   ~ Derogatory statements

  • The following clothing is NOT allowed:

Dress shoes, slip on shoes, high heels, or boots

Biker shorts or Spandex shorts

Tank tops or Spaghetti strap tops

Immodest clothing of any kind

  • All clothing must fit appropriately – no oversized or undersized clothing.
  • Tennis shoes are always required


Mustang Matrix 2018

Congratulations to all the Matrix winners for the month of August:

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August 6..........Frank Mendoza
August 13.......JoAnne Santillo


Congratulations to all those who have won the
$100 drawing this year. 

Up and Coming Events

Back to School Night 

Back to School Night is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15.

[Hidden image]Daycare is offered for free in the playground for the kids so that parents and guardians can meet in the gym for a few quick announcements and then break off into their child(ren)'s classroom for a brief 20 minute session with the teacher. A second 20 minute session will be held for families with more than one classroom to visit.

**Please be aware that this is a Holy Day of Obligation and the church will be having Mass at 7 PM. The parking lot may have a good amount of cars.**

Prayer Spot

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

1 John 5:14


Please keep the following people in your prayers:


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Maria Perez

Froylan Tinoco
Maria Tinoco

Danny Herman

Margrito Muro Loera


If you would like to add anyone to our prayer spot, please email Miss Nance at


Pre School Corner

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Volunteering at the School

This is a reminder to all parents and guardians that if you wish to volunteer at your child’s school at any time during the year, you must to complete the Safe Environment program requirements.

It is not a good idea to wait until you want to chaperone or volunteer to complete this process as your clearance may not be back in time. It is a good idea to do it now so you know you are good to go.

Reminder… one is allowed to work with or around the kids unless they have completed both the live-scan and online training (Protecting God's Children). Stop by the office to get the process started.