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Launched in 2008, Parent Express Email (PEX) is a free, simple to use email solution specifically designed for parent groups like PTOs and PTAs. Developed by PTO Today in collaboration with email solution provider, GroupVine Inc. PEX provides a valuable resource to help parent group leaders more effectively communicate with and engage their school community.

With PEX, group leaders are able to create and send completely customized emails to members, develop, edit and use contact lists and sub-lists, and easily and effectively send emails directly from their personal email account to their school community, or sub-group of parents, volunteers or administration. 

Interested in getting a PEX account for your school or school parent group?  Click here to sign-up.

PEX is all about helping school PTOs and PTAs effectively engage all of their school parents and all about increasing parent involvement in schools.  Questions about how we do that important work or how your organization can get involved with helping us do that work?  Contact us here.