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What a weekend!  Thanks to all who made it back to campus and a special thanks to all who were liberal with the phrase, "You haven't changed a bit!"  In this email we've tried to capture some highlights, but we know Pacific Alumni Weekend is all about sharing stories and remembering good times. 

We'd really like to hear from you!

This is your opportunity to share your best stories and memories with your fellow alumni.  To see the stories that your other alumni are sharing just click on "see all responses & comments" and feel free to add your own anecdotes or comments.  Please be aware that your name and responses will be shared with other alumni receiving this email (but your email address will remain private).

And with that...let's get the conversation started!

Was this the first Pacific Alumni Weekend you've attended?

Why did you decide to come to the Pacific Alumni Weekend? (please check all that apply)
Or was there some other reason not listed above? If so, please share...
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Friday Evening

 Welcome BBQ & Reunion After-Parties


We had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed the food, conversation and camaraderie.



Did you attend a reunion after party? Which group? (please check all that apply)
Do you have any funny stories from your reunion party?
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Saturday Afternoon

160th Anniversary Luncheon & Free Reunion Events


What was the coolest new thing happening at Pacific that you learned about at this luncheon? Any surprises?
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There were lots of faculty at the reunion. Did you run into any of YOUR former faculty members during the weekend?
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Did you attend any of our free events? (please check all that apply)
What did you like about these events? Anything you'd like to see changed?
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Saturday Night

Taste of Pacific Food & Wine Festival


The Food and Wine Tasting Festival featured wines from alumni vintners.  We hope you stopped by!


Did you attend the Food and Wine Tasting Festival?
What did you enjoy most about the event?
Comments on this event? What would you like to see next time?
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Sunday Morning

5k Family Fun Run/Walk


Truly an event for everyone, the Fun Run/Walk was a great excuse to tour the campus and get some early morning exercise!

The 2011 Fun Run Spirit Winners

(This is their second year holding the title!)

Do you have any comments or stories about the Fun Run?
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Speak out!


Help make your next reunion even better!


Whether this was your first time attending the Pacific Alumni Weekend or you come every chance you get, we'd love to know...

What was your favorite moment from the weekend? What makes this a "can't miss" event?
Is there anything you would like to see at future Pacific Alumni Weekend events?
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Thanks for chiming in.  To ensure the on-going success and growth of future Pacific Alumni Weekends, we sincerely hope you'll take 5 minutes or so to complete our full survey, just click here.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2012!


Pacific Alumni Association


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