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Enterprise-class Interactive Email™

Excite customer engagement through email
Seamlessly integrated with your CRM and brand

Based on patented "Email Engagement Widgets," GroupVine's Interactive Email™ more than doubles response rates of customer feedback and opinion surveys by dynamically updating email contents with the latest, summarized submissions from the customer community, thereby exciting interest more directly within the email inbox itself. Interactive Email for the enterprise is designed to work seamlessly and scale with your company's email system, contact resource management (CRM), web site, and brand-styling to help energize your email-based customer engagement and cultivation of product ambassadors.

Example Email Engagement Widget embedded on landing page

Enterprise-class features include:

  • Creating email engagement widgets with an unlimited number of single-choice, multi-choice, numeric, and free-text question elements.
  • Pasting coded widgets into your emails that work with the dynamic variable method of your own CRM email system.
  • Applying custom styling to the widgets that matches your company's brand.
  • Including usual email marketing content, branding, and personalization, as well as addressing each email to the appropriate set of recipients using your usual CRM filtering methods.
  • Sending interactive emails to up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of recipients.
  • Exciting customer engagement immediately in the inbox due to how Interactive Emails dynamically present the latest, up-to-date individual and summarized community responses in the received email.
  • Exporting CSV files with receipient responses associated with the customer identifiers used by your own CRM system for seamless integration.
  • Embedding the Email Engagement Widget on a company landing page and directing a responding email recipient to that landing page to complete their response and be presented with other (potentially response-specific) content.
  • Interaction with an Email Engagement Widget on a company landing page through the embedded EW API in order to, for example, dynamically modify the page content to more specifically address the customer's interests and concerns according to their responses.
  • Automated updating of per-customer CRM contact variables according to the their Email Engagement Widget responses through your own CRM's API.


Monthly pricing for enterprise-class Interactive Email is as follows:

Subscription Responses1 Price
Level 1 1,500/mn $199
Level 2 5,000/mn $299
Level 3 20,000/mn2 $399
Level 4 100,000/mn $499


  1. The total number of recipient responses summed over the active EWs in an account over a given month. See below for more details.
  2. As an example, 20,000 responses would equate to an email sent to 100,000 receipients that achieved a 20% response rate.

Monthly responses The monthly response limit refers to the maximum number of recipient responses summed over all active EWs in an account. A single recipient response is the monthly aggregate submissions to an EW, which includes an initial response and any updates for that EW by a given recipient. Up to twice this maximum number of responses will be accepted and available if the subscription is upgraded within one month after being notified of the exceeded limit. The upgrade will take effect at the start of the month when the limit was exceeded.

Pre-Paid Discounts. Pre-paid committments of 12 months get a 15% discount.

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