GroupVine 4 School - About the ads

Why the ads?

Your school community is using GroupVine's email service to help inform and engage your school community. The ads allow GroupVine to offer the service to your school for free!

Can we put in our own ads?

Yes, we call this GoLocal™! Interested in using the ad space in these emails to help promote your business to this community and put your business just one click away? (Or know others in your community who may be interested and want to help replace the current ads with theirs?) You can learn more about our GoLocal™ advertising service here, and/or send us an email for other details and we'll help you get started!

Can I remove the ads all together?

If your school would like to remove ads all together, we have an option for you too! In fact, for non-profit organizations (such as school parent-teacher organizations, in most cases) we offer a discounted subscription service. Click here for more details on our pricing (and be sure to select the "Non-profit Pricing" tab assuming that applies), or as always, feel free to email us with any questions!